When people ask me what I do for a living, the answer can vary from one week to the next. I am a freelance illustrator, art director, storyboard artist and visualiser – but I also turn my hand to matte painting, concept design and photography/filming direction. In other words I do a bit of everything!

I consider myself lucky that I’m able to work on exciting projects, across a broad spectrum of creative industries, producing work for TV, gaming, visitor attractions, conferences, animation, web/apps and print. As well as gaining heaps of experience over the years, I’ve had the privilege to work alongside some hugely inspirational people.

The majority of my work is created remotely from home, but I’m always happy to work alongside clients in their own studios if a project requires it… and they have a ready supply of tea.

So make yourself a brew and please have a browse around my site.




If you want to know more this is a brief summary of some of the things that i have worked on. Any questions please get back to me.

April 2010 – Present: Freelance – Storyboard Artist / Illustrator / Art Director

I have been utilising my wide array of skills on various projects, including:

    • Art Direction for Flipbook Studios, GE&Co., Wide Eyed Entertainment
    • Storyboards for Titan Films, Uber, The Gate Films, Chief,
    • Concept Design for Flipbook Studios, Centrescreen
    • Matte Paintings for Realtime, Kinkajou and Barefoot TV.
    • Illustration for The National Trust, Powys Council and Geosho.


Jun 2003 – April 2010:  Red Vision Studios – In-house VFX Designer [Multiple Roles]


Storyboard Artist 

I was responsible for storyboarding the majority of sequences for Red Vision Production’s CG output. Series and Specials included:


    • Battlefield Britain [BBC] 8 Episodes BAFTA Award Winner
    • Hiroshima [BBC] BAFTA and EMMY Award Winner
    • 20th Century Battles [BBC] 8 Episodes
    • Titanic ‘The Birth of a Legend’ [Granada] RTS Award Winner
    • The Great Sperm Race [Blink Films] GEMINI Award Winner
    • Situation Critical [Darlow Smithson] 9 Episodes
    • Hindenburg ‘The Untold Story’
    • We Built This City [Darlow Smithson]
    • Seconds from Disaster [Darlow Smithson] 45 Episodes


CG Supervisor

Director of CG sequence production for various factual/drama programmes and series:


    • WereWolves – The Dark Survivors [Wide Eyed Entertainment]
    • America Before Columbus [Gruppe 5]
    • Seconds from Disaster [Darlow Smithson] 3 Episodes
    • Situation Critical [Darlow Smithson] 5 Episodes
    • 20th Century Battlefields [BBC] 4 Episodes
    • Ideal – Series 3 [Mad Cow]

Art Director/Concept Artist

Responsible for the design of visual material for TV productions and speculative films.


    • Headcases [ITV] Lead designer of 3D/2D environments, assets and ‘props’.
    • Crazy Cavemen [Short/Teaser] Lead designer of environments and characters
    • Water Warriors  Short/Teaser] Lead designer of environments and characters


Matte Painter /Digital Artist

Digital matte paintings/set extension artist for:


    • Crusades ‘Crescent and the Cross’ [Lion TV]
    • Atlantis [BBC]
    • The Somme [Darlow Smithson]
    • Who Framed Jesus [Lion TV]



1994 – 2003: Freelance – Storyboard Artist / Exhibition Designer / Concept Artist

During this period as a freelancer, I produced storyboards for over 70 TV commercials for Directors and Production Companies such as:

    • Brian Percival [Director]
    • Russell Mulcahy [Director]
    • Chief [Production Company]
    • Red Vision [CG Company]
    • Equinox [Production Company]
    • Locomotion [CG company]


I supervised the production [and in some cases created] the visual content for high profile audio visual installations, such as:

    • BBC Broadcasting House Visitors Centre – 4 exhibition areas.
    • Children and War  – ‘Big Picture Show’ IWM North
    • World Health Organisation Pavillion – Hannover Expo [as part of a small creative team]


I also produced illustrations for print, visuals for corporate exhibits/sets and created concept drawings for installations and characters [I designed the Manchester City club mascot, ‘Moonchester’ – one of my proudest achievements!]



1988 – 1994: Lightworks Entertainment – Designer / Artist

I was a member of a small, specialised team who designed and developed the Audio Visual content for more than 15 prestigious, interpretive visitor attractions, including:

    • Tower of London
    • Robbie Burns Visitor Centre
    • British Pavilion – Korea Expo
    • National Museum of Science -Taiwan



1985 – 1988: Multivision Audio Visual – Designer / Artist / Rostrum Camera Operator

I designed and created 35mm slide presentations for corporate conference events and visitor attractions.



1984 – 1985: Pifco/Salton  – Packaging and Exhibition Designer